A Stinky Threesome

Burgundy Motor Inn
116 South North Carolina
Atlantic City, NJ 08401
(609) 345-5665

In the Summer of 1999, a select few feared that the end of the world was merely a few short months away. However, when the story of the discovery in Room 112 at the Burgundy Motor Inn emerged, nobody would have been surprised if it did.

On the night of June 9th, a German couple traveled to Atlantic City to find the best nightlife that New Jersey had to offer. As they went to sleep, they had difficulty with the foul smell of the room. They both fell asleep despite the odor, most likely thinking it was just part of the experience of being in New Jersey.

In the same room the prior night, 64-year-old Queens NY native, Saul Hernandez, had checked in with a 17-year-old Brooklyn girl. Allegedly, the two became embroiled in a very serious argument inside the room. As a result, Mr. Hernandez never checked out. He had been stabbed to death and stuffed under the motel bed.

Mr. Hernandez’s body was not discovered until the following morning after the German couple had complained upon checking out. It’s is unclear if the German couple ever found out the cause of the odor, but we are certain they are better off just thinking it was New Jersey.


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